Understanding Whey Protein

No one in this world can claim that they would rather be better off unfit than being healthy. Hence, as per our abilities, each of us tries to ensure that our health remains intact. While some of us choose to eat nutritious diets, exercise and avoid things that would harm us, others try to look for an easy way out through supplements. 

This does not mean that consuming supplements is wrong. In reality, using these supplements allow you to fulfill your body’s protein requirement and, therefore, live a healthy life. 

One of the supplements that have been ruling the market is whey protein. One may wonder, why whey protein succeeds in being hugely popular? You can attribute its success to the swift muscular development that it leads to. For this reason, it is used by energetic individuals as well as gym goers. 

If you are a novice, the chances are that you would be unaware of the intricate definition of whey protein. Whey protein is one of the two proteins found in milk, the other being casein. It is believed that 20% of the total protein available in milk is whey. 

The reason why the effort is taken to isolate this protein from milk is that it contains the nine required amino acids. On top of this composition, whey protein has less lactose than other proteins, which makes it perfect for those who wish to cut back on their carb intake. 

Whey protein powders and drinks are made either by separating whey from the casein in the milk or by extracting whey from the process of making cheese. The latter is possible since whey serves to be the primary byproduct of making cheese. 

Types of Whey Protein  

Concentrate and isolate are the two key whey proteins available. The significant difference between the two varieties comes from their extraction process as well as their composition. 

After whey has been separated from the milk, it undergoes a constant filtration process. This ensures that the whey obtained becomes concentrated and therefore, the protein available in the product increases. This protein-concentrated liquid is then warmed and dried to form a powder. Since it contains a high amount of protein, it is known as whey concentrate. This version of whey protein contains a significant amount of lactose and carbs. 

Some brands tend to take it a notch further and convert the extracted whey into isolate to get rid of the lactose and carbs. In the making of the isolate, steps are taken to make sure that no water, lactose or cholesterol persists in the product. When these components are removed, the protein concentration further increases to a maximum of 95%. 

Apart from isolate and concentrate, there is a third less common version of whey protein known as hydrolysate. In hydrolysate, the extracted whey is exposed to enzymes which digest the protein and convert it into peptide molecules. The digestion of protein allows for enhanced absorption of the product by the body and leads to fast results. 

Benefits of Using Whey Protein 

While consuming real food for the intake of protein is always the best option, using whey protein is the next best alternative available. This is because it offers users the chance to benefit from various advantages. 

It Aids in Weight Loss 

Since whey protein, especially isolate and hydrolysate, contains less lactose than real food items, consuming this supplement will help shed the extra pounds. You can expect to decrease your fat intake while maintaining your current level of muscles. Hence, what you hold important will stay, and the extra pounds will disappear. 

It Enhances Muscular Strength 

Working out and exercising is vital if you wish to gain muscles. However, if you add the consumption of whey protein into the equation, you can hope to achieve your desired results at a faster pace than before. 

It Curbs Hunger 

One of the primary reasons for putting on weight is feeling hungry all the time. Not everyone has the stamina to ignore a growling stomach. Whey protein eliminates the root of the problem to begin with. It does so by curbing hunger. Since it is a fulfilling item, you are less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks if you introduce whey protein into your life. 


All in all, whey protein shakes manage to be a delicious drink and simultaneously a healthy way to ensure that your body is provided with the required amount of the nutrient. The fact that they are easily available in various shops serves to be a cherry on top. 

Develop lean body muscles and lose the extra weight that you are carrying all with the simple act of drinking a protein shake. Provide your body with the best. You deserve it.