Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements

These days you will find many different various muscle building supplements for sale and trying to find the select few that are actually worth spending your money on can be a difficult task.

It becomes difficult to decide what are the right supplements for you because you find many various different people advising you need to take this supplement and that supplement along with numerous other supplements to build muscle. But the reality is, there’s only a handful of supplements that will help you build muscle.

Below we will have a look at the top five muscle building supplements you should consider buying if you’re trying to build muscle.

Whey Protein

When it comes to building muscle whey protein is the best selling supplement for this goal. Whey protein is a supplement that you drink and supplies your body with high quality protein.

What makes whey protein so effective is that it supplies your body with all the essential amino acids that are required to build muscle and whey protein generally contains high amounts of leucine, which is the most anabolic amino acid and the most important amino acid required for building muscle.

Another great benefit of whey protein is that it has a high biological value, this means that your body will absorb the majority of the protein very quickly and for this reason it makes it a great post workout recovery supplement.

If you are struggling to get high quality protein in your diet then it is a good idea to supplement your diet with whey protein. This will ensure your body has all the building blocks required to build muscle. You don’t want to be drinking protein shakes with every meal, but add a shake or two, to a good quality nutritious diet.


Creatine is another popular muscle building supplement that has been scientifically proven to help increase performance, muscle size and strength. When it comes to buying Creatine the best one to buy is Creatine monohydrate as this is the one that has been studied the most and proven to work.

Creatine helps you store extra glycogen in your muscles which in return helps your muscles look bigger and fuller. This storing of glycogen in your muscles is extremely beneficial whilst working out as your body has a fuel source to tap into when you need to grind out those last few extra reps as well as lifting heavier than what you did in your previous session.

If you are looking to increase muscle size, strength and performance then this is a must have supplements. When it comes to buying Creatine you just need to make sure it is 100% pure Creatine monohydrate with no fillers added. This supplement is generally very cheap and has scientifically proven to produce results and there is no reason not to buy this one.

Greens Supplement

Getting enough vegetables in your diet can be very difficult for some people and this is where a greens supplement can help. A lot of people don’t realize how important micronutrients are for building muscle and often neglect micronutrients that are generally found in fruits and vegetables.

If you want your body to be in an optimal state to build muscle then you need to make sure you consume plenty of micronutrients and if you think your diet is lacking in these than a greens supplement is extremely important and is a good replacement for fruits and vegetables.

There are many other benefits of green supplements such as improving energy, helping you recover faster, help with your bone health and your antioxidant status.

Fish Oil

Fish oils are a supplement that has many benefits, it offers much more than the commonly known benefits such as heart health, bone and joint health and brain function.

When it comes to building muscle fish oil has other tricks up its sleeves to help you build muscle. Fish oil can help reduce inflammation within your muscles, the less inflammation you have in your muscles the better ability your body has to recover from the previous session and build new muscle.

Fish oil helps to improve nutrient partitioning. What does this mean? It means that fish oil improves your body’s ability to use the nutrients from the food that you consume towards building muscle and helps reduce the amount of fat that your body stores.

Pre workout

Pre-workouts don’t have a direct effect on muscle building, but if you get a good quality pre-workout, It can have a very good indirect effect on building muscle.

How? It all comes down to your workout sessions. Pre-workouts, a bit like Creatine can dramatically improve your strength and performance in the gym. Taking a good quality pre-workout can help you get an extra few more reps and lift that little bit extra heavier than without it.

And it is those few extra reps and lifting that extra weight that will help you build more muscle.  If you find that your focus drops off halfway through your workout and you start to tire, then a Pre-workout will also have a positive effect on your focus and intensity. Pre-workouts can give you a laser like focus which will help you get through your workout and supply with enough energy to make sure you complete your workout with ease.

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