2 Effective Muscle Building Supplements for Beginners

When you’re new to the world of muscle building, one of the first thing you tend to come across are muscle building supplements. However, picking the right supplements that will be effective for any beginner can be a mind-boggling task as there are so many to choose from.

As you become more experienced, it will be easy for you to decide on what supplements will help you achieve your goal. However, as a beginner, there are two supplements that will help you build muscle and get the most from your beginner gains. Rather than wasting your money and buying loads of supplements that will probably not be that effective at the beginning stage, stick to these three supplements and they will help you throughout the beginner stage and as you become more experienced, you can make a more informed decision on what supplements are right for you.

Let’s begin…

Whey Protein to Help Build Muscle

Regardless of if you’re beginner or with 20 years of experience in lifting weights, whey protein will always be the staple supplement. Whey protein supplies your body with high quality protein in high doses, as much as 25 g of protein per scoop with some manufacturers.

At first, it can be hard to get the high amounts of protein required to build muscle from food alone, not to mention expensive, we all know Stakes aren’t cheap. Whey protein is an excellent supplement to help fill that void so you are constantly feeding your body with the building blocks to build muscle.  Thankfully, whey protein taste much better than it did 20 years ago and a lot cheaper too, in fact, some protein shakes taste just as good as a milkshake.

When it comes to buying whey protein, you want to make sure it contains all the essential amino acids, is low in calories, fat and carbs as well as sugar. When you first purchase whey protein powder from a manufacturer, always buy the smallest quantity available to see if you like the taste and to find the flavor that is right for you.

Creatine For Increasing Power, Performance And Muscle Size

Creatine is a supplement which will help you train harder for longer as well as helping your muscles look bigger and fuller.

How does it do this?

It can help you train harder for longer as Creatine is stored in your muscles and plays an extremely important role in generating ATP. ATP is your body’s main energy source when you’re working out, if you use Creatine supplements, your body has the ability to produce more ATP and it is the production of ATP which will allow you to train harder and longer.

How does it make your muscles look bigger and fuller?

Creatine will help you store more glycogen in your muscles which will help them fill out and look slightly bigger. So, by supplementing with Creatine you can expect to live slightly more weight, increase your reps, see faster recovery between sets as well as not getting fatigued is quick.

To sum up…

As you can see, these two supplements are more than enough to help you get the best results as a beginner. You have whey protein, which will supply your body with all the important building blocks to build muscle. Then you have Creatine, which will help increase your performance in the gym as well as helping to add size to your muscles.

As a beginner your body is going to be very responsive to training and good diet and you will see good results from training and good diet alone within your first year of weight lifting. For this reason, you do not need to buy loads of supplements as a beginner.  The two supplements mentioned in this article are the icing on the top of good training and diet.